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At EgyVibes, we’re on a mission to redefine your Egypt experience. Say goodbye to ordinary tours and hello to extraordinary adventures. Dive into the heart of Egypt with our exclusive Egypt Excursions, meticulously designed to unveil the hidden treasures of this captivating land.

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Карим Харламов
Карим Харламов
Бронировали на сайте экскурсию в Каир, на Райский остров и джип сафари. Все прошло очень организовано. Очень понравился гид в Каире Мухаммед, который нас влюбил в город! Спасибо ему. Райский остров и сафари тоже супер!
Sherif Fouad
Sherif Fouad
I had Orange bay trip with egyVibes for me and my family, very happy with that trip
Olga Carter
Olga Carter
I had an amazing sea trip to Paradise Island with EgyVibes! Great service and prices! Recommend!!!
Сергей Жибуль
Сергей Жибуль
Бронировал 2 дневную частную экскурсию в Луксор, морскую экскурсию на Райский остров и частную обзорную экскурсию в Эль Гуну Остался доволен, отличное соотношенте цена и качество 👌 Рекомендую!
Nikolay Averkiev
Nikolay Averkiev
We booked an online tour to Cairo from Hurghada on the egyVibes website. We quickly received confirmation of the reservation, and the manager contacted us to clarify the details. The trip to Cairo itself was amazing. What a pleasure to travel and tour privately, away from mass tourism. Organization at the highest level, excellent Egyptologist guide...we are very satisfied! Upon returning to Hurghada, we also booked excursions to Paradise Island and Super Safari - only the best impressions!
Илюзя Саяпова
Илюзя Саяпова
I recently went on excursion to Cairo, Luxor, and Paradise Island with egyVibes, and I must say, it was an incredible experience. The service provided by the agency was outstanding, and their prices were excellent.
машка матющенко
машка матющенко
I had an incredible experience with egyVibes on their from Marsa Alam to Cairo excursion and Dolphin House trip 🤩🤩🤩 From start to finish, it was a journey filled with awe-inspiring sights and unforgettable moments💙